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You can check here (External link) whether you have already been granted the driving instruction permit you have applied for.

In addition to or instead of completing lessons at a driving school, driving instruction can also be given with a driving instruction permit. The permit allows you to hold the mandatory driving lessons; however, the training for candidates for first driving licences (EAS) prior to driving lessons and the risk assessment training prior to the driving test must be completed at a driving school or with an instructor that has been approved by authorities.

The EAS certificate must be taken along to driving lessons and completed risk assessment training must be proved when arriving for the driving test.

A driving instruction permit for instructing driving a passenger car, moped, light quadricycle or motorcycle can be granted to a person who is at least 25 years old and has held a driving licence corresponding to the instructed driving licence category for at least five years.

A driving instruction permit for instructing driving a lorry or a bus may only be granted in conjunction with apprenticeship training leading to a degree in the transport sector, and the instructor must hold a driving instructor's licence. One driving instruction permit is only valid for instruction in one driving licence category.

The permit is personal and only valid for the persons registered on the permit. Two instructors may be registered on the permit if they both are close relatives (parent, legal guardian, grandparent, sibling, child, grandchild) with the learner(s). However, only one instructor may be registered on permits applied for online via My e-Services.

Two learners may be registered on the permit if they both are close relatives with the instructor or both instructors. However, only one learner may be registered on permits applied for online via My e-Services. If you want to instruct another person or other persons who are not registered on the permit, you must apply for a new, separate driving instruction permit. The number of permits per learner is not restricted so you can apply for multiple instruction permits for instructing the same learner.

Permits to instruct persons other than close relatives can be granted maximum three (3) times within a three-year period. However, the number of driving instruction permits is not restricted if the instructor is the learner’s parent, legal guardian, grandparent, sibling, child or grandchild. Traficom will verify family connections in the Population Information System.


You can apply the driving instruction permit for online via My e-Services. Instructions and link to electronic application services follows. (External link)

Responsible driver during driving instruction

The instructor holding a driving instruction permit is the responsible driver while instructing driving a passenger car or a lorry in traffic. During bus driving instruction, the instructor holding a driving instruction permit is the responsible driver unless the learner already holds a valid C category driving licence.

During instruction for riding a moped or motorcycle or driving a light quadricycle, the instructor holding a driving instruction permit is the responsible driver when he or she accompanies the learner in the instruction vehicle. In other cases, the learner is the responsible driver.

Dual brake pedal is mandatory equipment –
modification inspection not required

When providing driving instruction, a dual brake pedal for the driving instructor is mandatory in all category B, C1 and C vehicles, light quadricycles and tractors with seats side by side.

A dual brake pedal is also mandatory on motorcycles as well as light quadricycles and tractors where the passenger seat is behind the driver’s seat if the instructor or the person supervising the training accompanies the learner in the vehicle. A bus must be equipped with a dual brake pedal if the student does not have a category C right to drive.

A modification inspection is not required for the vehicle after installing a dual brake pedal. 

The dual brake pedal must be firmly fixed to the vehicle. The driving test examiner will test the functioning of the dual brake pedal before the test. An appropriately installed and well-functioning dual brake pedal is a precondition for taking the test.

Conditions for issuing a driving instruction permit per driving licence category

Personal characteristics

Every applicant's personal characteristics are checked when granting a driving instruction permit, and the obtained information may form a barrier against issuing the permit. Under the Act on Driving Licences, a driving licence permit applicant's personal characteristics are considered unsuitable for the instruction task if the person has:

  1. within five years prior to applying for permit, been found banned from driving as a result of driving while intoxicated, driving while seriously intoxicated, causing a serious traffic hazard or causing a traffic hazard that shows that the offender is apparently heedless of traffic safety
  2. within the previous year, been subject to a driving ban due to being found guilty of other traffic offences (such as recurrent traffic violations, driving without a licence)
  3. based on criminal records or information in the register of fines, otherwise indicated with his or her actions that he or she is apparently unsuitable for the instruction task.


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