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Avoid road rage

Avoid road rage

In traffic, you are not alone. You are part of the traffic system and interact with others.

As in any other human activity and interaction, misunderstandings may also occur in traffic.

The interaction in traffic takes place within the framework of the traffic rules. The rules create expectations of how another person will behave in traffic. However, not everyone always behaves as expected. This may incite emotions in other road users. We should all acknowledge the situations that may spark strong reactions, enabling us to modify our behaviour.

Anyone may feel annoyed when another road user does not do what we expected or we feel that other traffic is keeping us from moving on. This is natural. We are on the road because we need to travel, we hope to get from A to B. The more important we feel getting there fast or smoothly is, the more strongly we react to anything that slows us down. If we are also affected by other causes of stress, including tiredness, rush or personal matters, we are inclined to give more consequence to another driver’s or road user’s behaviour in traffic.

Road rage means a driver’s aggressive or angry behaviour towards another road user. It may take the form of hostile gestures, a verbal or even physical threat, or dangerous driving putting other drivers or road users at risk. An angry driver may shake their fist, lean on the horn or make sudden steering movements. At worst, this may lead to a quarrel, an act of violence or an accident resulting in serious injuries or death.

Did you know that strong emotions weaken your powers of observation?



Page updated 11/27/2018

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