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Teaching materials

Teaching materials

You can find plenty of teaching materials online, but you should check that they are up to date.

A driving licence reform including a new driving examination entered into force on 1 July 2018. Material published before that date may contain outdated information. Please see below for a list of some sources in which the reforms have been accounted for.

Traffic signs
The Finnish Transport Agency is responsible for the traffic signs used on Finnish roads. Revise the traffic signs and get to know new ones on the Finnish Transport Agency’s website.

Automobile and Touring Club of Finland’s driving school
The website of the Automobile and Touring Club of Finland provides a diverse range of tips for improving your driving skills

  • Practising for risky situations videos
  • Driving examination: you can practise for the category B theory test and watch videos about the theory and driving test
  • Driving for older persons

Theory instruction by the Association of Finnish Driving Schools
The driving schools affiliated to the Association of Finnish Driving Schools also offer their students virtual theory classes. This system can be used to complete the theory classes for mopeds, motorcycles and cars, among other things. Learners at driving schools get access to this service through their driving school, and a learner practising under a driving instruction permit can purchase a theory class package for category B here.

Finnish Road Safety Council materials
The Finnish Road Safety Council produces diverse information about improving as a driver. To browse the Finnish Road Safety Council’s versatile materials, visit here.
You can also order printed materials through a web service, by telephone or by e-mail, or collect material from the Finnish Road Safety Council's central offices in Kannelmäki at the address Sitratie 7, 00420 Helsinki. Some of the materials can be downloaded.

  • Material related to driving
  • Material for motorcyclists

Traficom’s videos
Watch a video about the motorcycle handling test to see the tasks included in the test as from 1 April 2018 and to get an idea of what happens in the test.

A video on electric personal transporters borrows on Finnish film classics to show us the place occupied in traffic by light electric vehicles, which appear on the streets in the summer.

For instructors and learners with a driving instruction permit
A driving instruction permit is one way of obtaining driving skills. Driving schools are also happy to offer different instruction packages for instructors and learners with a driving instruction permit. You can contact a driving school to purchase driving lessons, simulator instruction for driving in the dark, driver training for icy conditions, individual theory classes or even an entire theory instruction package. is a web service offering learning and practice environments for instructors and learners operating under a driving instruction permit.

Materials for preparing for the theory test
The list below contains materials known to Trafi which support preparation for the theory test. Each producer is responsible for the material provided by them.




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