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Getting a driving licence for a tractor

Getting a driving licence for a tractor

You need a category T driving licence to drive a tractor. The licence also gives you the right to drive a snowmobile.

You can get the licence if you are at least 15 years old and take the following two steps:

1. Driving licence permit

In order to obtain a tractor driving licence, you will need to get a driving licence permit from Trafi's service provider Ajovarma. You can apply for the permit at earliest at the age of 14. The permit is valid for three years. The driving licence permit is the prerequisite for taking a driving examination. You should apply for it in good time before booking a time for the theory test.

Driving licence permit and theory test at Ajovarma offices

Ajovarma is Trafi's service provider. You can manage all application and permit issues related to driving licences at Ajovarma offices. Ajovarma also provides the driving examination services.

Booking an appointment in advance with the driving licence and permit services will save your time. Ajovarma's national customer helpline provides advice and service at +358 75 323 9999 on weekdays Mon-Fri at 8-15.45 (price of phone call: local network charge/mobile call charge) and by e-mail at inquiries(at) Click here to book an appointment.


2. Driving examination

No mandatory driving instruction is required to obtain a tractor driving licence. However, practice materials for the Category T theory test are sold, for example, at Ajovarma offices.

If this is your first driving licence, you must pass the 4-hour Training for candidates for first driving licences (EAS).

Theory test

You must pass the theory test of a driving examination to get a category T driving licence. You must be at least 15 years old before you can take the theory test.

When you arrive for your test, you will have to prove your identity with, for example, your passport or a photo ID card. You must also have with you a signed Guardians' consent form for getting a category T driving licence if you are under 18 years old, and a certificate of the 4-hour Training for candidates for first driving licences (EAS), if you are getting your first driving licence.


Driving licence posted to your home address

When you pass your driving examination, you will be given a certificate entitling you to drive on mainland Finland for six months. This will serve as your driving licence when you present it with a photo ID. Keep the document with you until you receive your official driving licence.

The actual driving licence will be posted to your home address within a week of the examination.

The rights to drive of a category T driving licence

  • A category T licence entitles you to drive tractors and tractor all-terrain vehicles with a maximum speed of 60 km/h.
    • T1a and T1b category, T2a and T2b category and T3a category vehicles
  • Category T3b vehicles are an exception, for which you will need a category AM/121 right to drive beginning on 1 July 2018.
  • For tractors whose maximum design speed exceeds 60 km/h, a driving licence for a passenger car or lorry is required depending on the mass of the vehicle.
    • The total mass is at most 3,500 kg: a driving licence for a car (B).
    • The total mass is at most 7,500 kg: a driving licence for a lorry (C1).
    • The total mass is over 7,500 kg: a driving licence for a lorry (C).
  • A tractor driver is required to have the professional competence of a lorry driver if the tractor is used for driving referred to in the Act on the professional qualifications of lorry and bus drivers.
  • A trailer may be attached to the tractor without further requirements for the licence (E categories). If the design speed of the tractor exceeds 60 km/h, a vehicle combination consisting of a tractor and trailer may, depending on the total mass of the tractor, be therefore driven with just a category B/C1/C driving licence.


Guardians' consent form (required when coming to the theory test and the applicant is a minor)


An old LT driving licence

The rights of an old LT driving licence will remain as before after the change in driving licences of 1 July 2018. This means that the old LT driving licences will continue to entitle holders to drive vehicles in driving licence categories T and AM/121.



Page updated 08/07/2018

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