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Documents required for getting a driving licence for a motorcycle

Documents required for getting a driving licence for a motorcycle

To drive a motorcycle, you need to have either a category A1, A2 or A driving licence, depending on the size of the motorcycle. You need the following documents for obtaining the licence:

Driving licence permit

You need a driving licence permit before you can register for a driving examination. 

Documents required for a driving examination

Documents required for a theory test

  • Certificate of instruction and examination (E100). You get the form at your driving school or instructor with a driving instruction permit. For the theory test, the certificate is only partially filled out and the remaining information is added after the test.
  • Certificate of the 4-hour training for candidates for first driving licences (EAS), if you are getting your first driving licence.
  • The consent of your official guardian (in Finnsih) if you are seeking a category A1 driving licence and you are under 18 years old. The guardian's information is verified from the population information system in connection with processing the application.
  • A valid photo ID, such as a passport or a photo ID issued by the police.
  • You must also have applied for a driving licence permit and this must also be valid. The information of your driving licence permit is checked from the driver data register.

Documents required for the driving test


Manage your issues at Ajovarma

Ajovarma is Traficom’s service provider, and you can manage all issues related to driving licence applications and permits at Ajovarma service points. Take a look where your nearest Ajovarma service point is and book a time for acquiring the documents.

You may also call or send an e-mail: Ajovarma's national customer helpline provides advice and service at +358 75 323 9999 on weekdays Mon-Fri at 8-15.45 and by e-mail at inquiries(at)






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