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Driving licence permit

Driving licence permit

You need a driving licence permit before you take a driving examination.

Trafi can issue a driving licence permit for you if

  • you fulfil the age and health requirements set for the driving licence categories
  • you live permanently in Finland or study in Finland and have continued your studies for at least 6 months
  • you are not banned from driving or under a temporary driving ban in Finland or any other EU or EAA country

Driving licence permits may be granted at the earliest a year before the applicant has fulfilled the age requirement corresponding to the driving licence category. However, category B driving licence permits may be granted at the earliest two years before the fulfilment of the age requirement.

Starting on 1 July 2018, the driving licence permit is valid for 3 years. When you come to the theory, handling and driving test, the driving licence permit must be valid for the category concerned.

You must also apply for a driving licence permit when upgrading or renewing a driving licence or exchanging a foreign driving licence for a Finnish one.


Applying for a driving licence permit

There are three different ways to apply for a driving licence permit:

  • Book an appointment for filling out and submitting an application form at Traficom's service provider Ajovarma's office. You will get form from Ajovarma.
  • You can also manage these issues at your driving school. Driving schools typically have application forms for a driving licence permit and, if they want, they can forward their students' applications to an Ajovarma office on behalf of the students.
  • If you have a previous driving licence of a motor vehicle, you may be able to apply for a driving licence permit using Traficom's e-Service for Upgrading a driving licence.


Attachments to the driving licence permit

  • Your current driving licence. If you have not been previously granted a driving licence, take along your passport or photo ID to verify your identity.
  • 2 passport photographs. However, if you have a valid passport or identity card, you do not need new passport pictures for a driving licence. You also do not need the pictures if you have sent photographs for a driving licence, professional driving licence or a professional qualification licence, or an ADR driving permit or a taxi driver permit on 1 January 2013 or later. For the requirements of the photo, see the passport photograph instructions of the police.
  • A medical certificate, however, taking the following exceptions into account:
    • When you are applying for a driving licence permit for your first driving licence, you may provide an assurance of your personal health condition. In this case, no separate medical certificate needs to be attached to the application.
      • If you are unable to provide the assurance or this is not your first time as a candidate for a driving licence (i.e. you have previously had a driving licence which has for example expired), you need to provide a medical certificate of your driving capacity as a rule.
    • If you have a valid driving licence and wish to upgrade your right to drive within the same group, you will not need a medical certificate.
    • For submitting a medical certificate when renewing a driving licence, see here.
  • Based on a driving examination taken in the defence forces, you may apply for an upgrade in your right to drive with a driving licence permit without qualification requirements. You must attach an examination certificate by the defence forces to your application for a driving licence permit. The certificate must have been issued within the previous 3 years. In this case, you do not need to attach a separate medical certificate to the application.
  • When upgrading motorcycle categories  in driving instruction, you must present a certificate of instruction when applying for the driving licence permit.

Get your documents in order at Ajovarma

Ajovarma is Traficom's service provider. You can manage all application and permit issues related to driving licences at Ajovarma offices. Ajovarma also provides the driving examination services. Book an appointment to the nearest Ajovarma office here.

Ajovarma's national customer helpline provides advice and service at +358 75 323 9999 on weekdays Mon-Fri at 8-15.45 (price of phone call: local network charge/mobile call charge) and by e-mail at inquiries(at) Click here to book an appointment.


Upgrading a driving licence

You can apply for a driving licence permit for upgrading your driving licence using Traficom's Upgrading a driving licence e-service.

You may use the service if you are not required to submit attachments for the upgrade (photographs, medical certificate, certificate of instruction). Read more about the requirements for using the service on the e-Services website.

If you must submit attachments in connection with upgrading a driving licence or you would like to upgrade your Group 1 driving licence category with a Group 2 category, the upgrade must be made at Ajovarma.

Upgrade your driving licence



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