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How to prepare for the driving test

How to prepare for the driving test

The objectives for the driving test

The purpose of the driving test is to ensure that you know how to act as a responsible driver and are able to apply basic driving skills independently and safely in different situations. It is important that you know how to recognise and assess risks for your own actions and their impacts on traffic safety.

The skills required for the driving test are obtained from both the compulsory instruction and the knowledge acquired independently and through your own driving school or instructor with a driving instruction permit. You can read about the skills required for the driving test in The ABC of driving skills. Take a look also at Risk assessment for new drivers. The more you practice, the better your skills will be when you come to the driving test. Take a look also at this article of Tips for learning how to drive.


What to take to the test?

You should take with you to the driving test a photo ID and a certificate of instruction and examination (E100 form). Please note that the E100 form must be original, paper form. Check the other documents required for your driving test from the webpage of the driving license category.

Booking a driving test

The driving test is taken at an Ajovarma service point. You can book a time using the online booking system, or if you are a student at a driving school, the driving school can book a time on your behalf.


Course and content of the driving test

The driving test is divided into the preliminary discussion, the driving in traffic section, and the final discussion.

In the preliminary discussion, you go through the procedure and the instructions for the driving test together with the test examiner. At this stage you should ask all questions that you have about the test. The objective of this conversation is that you can begin the test in a good frame of mind, knowing what will happen in the test and what is expected of you.

While driving in traffic, the test examiner will give you independent driving tasks and you will act as the responsible driver. The test will make use of the traffic environment as diversely as possible and you must be able to drive in different speed zones and different levels of traffic. As the responsible driver, you are to assess the impact of all your actions during the driving test in terms of their traffic safety impact on both you and others.

You are not expected to have local knowledge, so diverging from the route is not a mistake. During the driving test, you may always ask questions and confirm the driving instructions.

In the final discussion, the test examiner will give you your result and the basis for it. The decision is based on your overall performance in the driving test. During the discussion, you will go through both the skills which you have good command of and those which you should develop further.

The amount of time spent on the different sections may vary slightly from one case to another, but the total time for the driving test is 60 minutes.


Right to drive and a driving licence

After the driving test, you will receive individual feedback by email.

After an accepted driving test, you will immediately receive a certificate of the driving examination completion. Together with your personal ID, this gives you a six-month right to drive in mainland Finland.

The driving licence will be delivered by mail to your home address.

If you do not pass the driving test, go through the feedback together with your instructor so that you will know which things you should practice in order to improve your skills. The feedback email also contains instructions for making a claim for a revised decision. When you feel that you have command of the necessary skills, book a time for another driving test.

Developing your skills as a driver does not end after the driving test, but rather it demands continual practice.




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