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Controlling your actions

Controlling your actions

Controlling your actions means that you identify the risks arising from your own skills and actions and from your social environment and you are able to manage them.


Driving skills and experience

You take a critical view of your own driving skills, and you are able to identify your own strengths and weaknesses as a driver in different conditions. You are aware of how inadequate driving experience increases risks.


Driving and goals

You understand the impact of planning your journey on the risks of driving. You know how to considerate the necessity of the journey, route selection, estimating the required travel time, travel plan, times of the day, weather conditions and passengers.


Tiredness and intoxicating substances

You know how tiredness adds to the risks. You know and understand how intoxicants, including alcohol and drugs, significantly increase the risk of accidents. They reduce your reaction speed, have a negative effect on your judgement and vision, and blur your understanding of driving and your driving skills. You understand that medicines and the combined use of medicines have an impact on your state of alertness and driving capacity.

You identify in yourself and in other persons the pressures created in such situations and know how to control them.



You acknowledge the impact of strong emotions on you. You know how to control these emotions, avoiding an increased risk while driving.


Motives for driving and the social environment

You recognise the risks arising from yourself and interactions in your social environment. They include group pressure, competitiveness, egging others on and a strong desire for experiences. You understand the hazards and impacts of these risk factors and know how to control and combat them.


Automation and driver-assistance systems

You know how driver-assistance systems and other technologies can impact on the driver's attitudes and distract you from the actual driving. You understand their impacts on traffic safety. You know that while driver-assistance systems and automation are intended to assist the driver, you are responsible for the way you use them.


Improving your driving skills and gathering experience will make you a more confident driver.



Page updated 11/26/2018

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