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A driver's basic knowledge

A driver's basic knowledge

As a driver, you must understand your duties and responsibility. Mastering a driver’s basic knowledge lays the foundation for smoothly running traffic, anticipating traffic situations and traffic safety.

Vehicle insurance

You are familiar with different types of insurance cover. You know what mandatory motor vehicle liability insurance and voluntary vehicle insurance mean. It is a good idea to also familiarise yourself with other types of insurance, including your personal accident and health insurance.


Vehicle tax

You are aware that the vehicle tax is mandatory and understand the consequences of failing to pay it.


Vehicle inspection

You understand the purpose of vehicle inspections and know how they are carried out. You are aware of your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is inspected on time, as well as the consequences of failing to do so.


Vehicle technology

You are familiar with the different power sources of a vehicle and their environmental impacts. You are familiar with driver-assistance systems and vehicle automation and their impacts on driving.


Vehicle registration

You are aware that vehicle registration is mandatory and you know your obligations associated with the registration process. You are aware of the consequences of using an unregistered vehicle.


Vehicle maintenance

You are familiar with the measures carried out as part of basic vehicle maintenance, and you are aware of what they mean for safety. You are also aware of the purpose and benefits of regular maintenance.



You know what to do in emergencies.

Finnish Red Cross’ first aid instructions


Driving health

You are aware of your state of health and any changes in it. You also understand how your health affects your driving safety, from your own and other people's perspective.

Driving health


Traffic control, traffic rules and road signs

You know the traffic rules and traffic signs and understand why observing them is important for traffic safety.


Traffic environment

You recognise different road types, junction types and traffic environments. You are aware of your own role as part of the traffic system and understand your responsibility for keeping the system safe.



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