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Driving licence conditions and restrictions

Driving licence conditions and restrictions

Conditions and restrictions may be attached to a driving licence, and will be marked on the licence as special conditions. They may relate to, for example, the driver's health or the vehicle's accessories. You may also apply to have your professional competence marked as a special condition on your driving licence in place of a separate professional competence card.

Some special conditions are attached to driving licences on the basis of a doctor's certificate. The most common code is 01, which means that the driver must wear glasses or contact lenses while driving.

Obtaining a driving licence may also require changes to the vehicle's controls or steering. A doctor, the driving school and the driving examiner will together decide on and arrange any special aids that may be required.

The condition code will be shown in row 12 if it governs the entire licence, or in column 12 if it governs only a specific category.

The most common special conditions on a driving licence

National special conditions

103 Duplicate driving licence (the ordinal number in brackets shows which duplicate it is)
104 Approved driving equipment (now often replaced with codes 35 and 78)
105 Exemption (on the grounds of age or health)
111 Alcohol interlock (alcohol interlock-controlled driving rights)
113 Alcohol interlock (on grounds of health)

Standardised EU special conditions

01 Eye-sight correction
02 Hearing aid/ communication aid
03 Prosthesis/orthosis for the limbs
10 Modified transmission
15 Modified clutch
20 Modified braking system
25 Modified accelerator
30 Modified combined braking and accelerator systems
35 Modified control layouts
40 Modified steering
42 Modified rear-view mirror(s)
43 Modified driving seat
44 Modifications to motorcycles
45 Motorcycle combinations only
50 Restricted to a specific vehicle/chassis number (VIN)
51 Restricted to a specific vehicle/registration plate (VRN)
55 Combinations of vehicle modifications
70 Exchange of licence (licence number and issuer)
71 Duplicate of licence (licence number and issuer)
78 Restricted to vehicles with automatic transmission
95 Driver holding CPC meeting the obligation of professional aptitude until (day month year)



Page updated 06/14/2018

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